Friday, 23 August 2013

Stole My Hearts

Hi! I'm back with another outfit post - this time its for an evening out that I went to, for the local Youth Awards (I even ended up getting a couple of awards myself!).  As always, I hadn't planned what I was going to wear, so freaked out at last minute and ended up borrowing a dress from my sister!  Everything worked out though, because the dress looked gorgeous and matched my other stuff perfectly - phew!

(I've included two photos here - I know that I'm not looking at the camera in the second one, but I think that the picture is slightly clearer!)

My dress is from New Look - and my sister! - and is a really pretty skater style which looks good on most figures - I actually really like this dress because the material is nice and thick and the dress is tailored really nicely to flatter your figure, there's an almost belt-like panel of material around the waist which really pulls in the whole dress.  I also like the neckline, as I'm definitely not a fan of low-cut dresses, they just don't look right on me!  This dress is also perfect for dancing, its not too long to move about in, and not too short either (but I am only about 5 ft 3", so this might not be accurate for everyone, haha!).

From a distance the dress might look like its covered in polka-dots - but they're really tiny hearts!  How cute is that?! And if that wasn't adorable enough, there's actually heart-shaped cut-out on the back, at around shoulder-blade height (cut-outs at this height will usually look good on everybody, whereas cut-outs lower down on the back will just accentuate any love-handles on curvier girls!).  Unfortunately, I forgot to photograph the back of the dress because I'm a total ditz, and now its in the wash - sorry!

I wore my pinkish-nude Miss-Selfridge ribbon-tie heels - which you can see in my 5 top shoes post! - and they complemented the dress perfectly; nude, black and white will always work!

I'm not into wearing loads of accessories, so I kept it minimal with two pale-pink bracelets (as seen in my Hot Summer Jewellery post) which matched my shoes.

On my nails is Barry M's nail paint in Shocking Pink, which is my favourite pink nail polish ever!  I also teamed it with a new nail polish form Avon: Opal Top Coat, which adds fragments of holographic glitter over your regular nail colour. (pink and sparkly - basically me, in nail polish!).

I did a brown and gold smokey eye for my makeup, which shows up a lot less on camera, but was actually quite dramatic!  Since my eyes were rather heavy, I just chose to add a slick of clear lipbalm onto my lips, as I would also be eating and chatting later!

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  Bexx xx

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Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Quick Update!

Hi! sorry I haven't posted in a little while - new outfit post coming tomorrow!
Also, I just got Instagram - check it out, my username is rebekharhia, same as my blog!

Here's a pic of me and my twin sister (I'm the one on the left!), my dress is from a shop called Swish in Edinburgh, but I bought it years ago, and I wear it all the time - I think that a go-to dress is an essential in your wardrobe, one that's easy to dress up and down!

have a fantabulous day!
Bexx xx

Saturday, 10 August 2013

London Shopping Haul: Video!

Hi! For my post today, I have a surprise - I made a Youtube video!  I've never done this before, but it was a lot of fun to make, so hopefully there'll be more in the future!  Since this was my first try, its not perfect, but I hope you like it anyway, and any feedback would be appreciated!

I recently went shopping in London on my summer holiday, and decided to make a haul video of what I bought there (check Youtube video description for a list of where I bought everything, and how much it was).

Thanks for reading, and have a fantabulous day!
 Bexx xx

Monday, 5 August 2013

Hot Summer Jewellery

Hi!  So recently I've been rediscovering my jewellery collection; I don't normally wear a lot of jewellery - usually only one or two key pieces - but in summer, jewellery is a pretty easy way to spice up outfits like shorts and t-shirts.  So here are two looks which I've been wearing: one pink, one blue!

 Pretty in Pink

This first look is very pink and girly!  I'm wearing two bracelets which are quite similar - the one with the dragonfly was from Accessorize, and the one with the flower was from an art gallery shop when I was much younger (it was reduced to a couple of pounds because of a tiny scratch!).  I've also been loving these little knuckle rings, especially the quite delicate ones - mine isn't actually a knuckle ring, its just a ring that I had when I was little that doesn't fit, so when it comes to jewellery, just utilise what you have!  This bigger ring is from New Look, and since I got it a while ago, the gold colour of the metal has faded to a more bronze tone, but I actually quite like this with the pink of the stone in the ring!

 Baby Blue

As well as being blue, this look will go with a lot of things because of the colours in the bracelets.  I found my large ring in the sale at Accessorize, and the knuckle ring is (again!) one which used to fit around my whole finger when I was little!  The dolphin bracelet was gift from a friend just the other day - my sister and I bought her a similar one years ago when we went on holiday, and she found ones with dolphin beads almost the exact same on her holiday to Cornwall! My other multi-coloured bracelet is from a shop called Joe, in Edinburgh, and I think it's really beautiful (and it didn't cost much either!).

I'm wearing a mixture of two Barry M nail polishes on my nails in these pictures: #337 Pink Silver Glitter (which is a solid fine-glitter polish) as a base, and #352 Pink Sapphire Glitter (which is a pink holographic chunky-glitter polish) over the top.  

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  Bexx xx