Monday, 4 November 2013

My Halloween OOTD

Hi!  Today I have a (late!) Halloween post for you - unfortunately, I didn't have any time to do any actual Halloween posts, but I thought that I would show you what I wore, as it is actually quite a cute outfit!  

First off, my makeup.  I really like how this turned out - all I did was use a pale foundation (since its Halloween and all) and then filled in my eyebrows (they're actually quite dark, but the light washes the out in the picture a little - I made them darker so that they didn't get lost with my strong eye makeup, but never too dark or they'll just be fighting with all that black eyeshadow!).  My lips were simple - line with black eyeliner (or a black those exist?) smudge towards the centre of your mouth, and fill the centre with a dark red lip colour, it looks really awesome!  My eyes were kind of Black Swan inspired - I was going to tie my hair into a tight ballet bun to match, but didn't have the time!  I covered my lids in black eyeshadow (do this before your foundation...I didn't.  Stupidly.  It got all over my face.) then blended out the edges, and after that I drew on massive cat-eye flicks!  The rest is easy: loads of little feathery lines pointing side-ways, and even a few little lines underneath my lash line at the corner of my eye to give a feather -like effect (it also makes you look like you have giant eyelashes!).  Finally, set the majority of the liner (I used gel eyeliner, by the way) with black eyeshadow (not the little feathery bits, because then you'll cover them and have to start again!).

Here are some more picture of my full outfit - of course, the pink socks are optional, but I was having a movie-night-in with some friends, so heels just didn't cut it!  Continuing with my Black Swan theme, I chose this black gauzy skirt which is kind of like a casual tutu!?!  In any case, its puffy and sparkly and I love it!  Underneath the skirt I wore my black disco pants (its a VERY short skirt) which I like better than regular black leggings because they're a bit sheeny-shiny and put a little twist on the outfit.

I ended up going for this very cool little tank top - it has little monkey/sugar-skull designs all over it, which I thought was appropriate for Halloween!  I then completed the look with a little black bracelet and my current favourite blue Gelly nailpolish from Barry M - adding in one gold nail for a bit of glam!

Here you can see my makeup more clearly - I also blended in some browns to the inner half of my eye for a little more dimension.

I'll leave you with this picture of my little brother - my sister did his Halloween makeup and I think its fab (and terrifying!).

Hope you enjoyed this little post - leave a comment or give me a follow if you did - I really do appreciate it!
Have a fantabulous day! :)  <3

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