Friday, 27 December 2013

My Christmas Day OOTD

Hi! Happy holidays - I hope you had a merry Christmas, I stayed at home with my family, and even though it was just a casual family Christmas I did dress up a bit!  So here's what I wore on Christmas day - maybe it'll give you some inspiration if you've any more festive parties or celebrations to attend this festive season.

My dress is from Primark, it only cost £15.  Its a really nice red tartan, which I'm sure you know is back yet again this winter, and its pretty fitting for me to wear in Scotland! 

The dress also has the cutest little white collar with a black bow, and you know I love my collars! I'm also wearing a necklace which I actually got for Christmas: a little Alice in Wonderland inspired piece, which I think is so quirky and adorable!

I also teamed the dress with some plain black leggings (and black socks) rather than tights just for the warmth, because its quite cold here! And furthermore, they're also a bit more comfortable than tights.

Here's a picture of me and my sister - her dress is so pretty, the pattern is little white flowers!

The aftermath of our Christmas dinner...

Goodnight! :) I got these pyjamas for Christmas, how adorable are they?!  I hope you had a good Christmas, or likewise if you celebrate something else this time of year.  Be thankful for everything you have, and spare a thought for those in need this time of year.  

Have a Happy New Year! :)

xxx   Bexx

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