Sunday, 28 July 2013

My Top 5 Shoes!

Hi! So, for today's post I was going to do a summer outfit post, but I woke up and it was pouring with rain (seriously, its been tipping it down since at least 8am!), so my plan was scuppered.  So instead, here are my five favourite and most worn pairs of shoes - I am definitely a shoes girl, but I tend not to buy them very often as once I have a pair that I love, I wear them to death! (so excuse any little marks on the shoes in the pictures - they're very well-loved!)


OK, so I know that they're not the most exciting, but my Reebok trainers had to make the list!  I used to wear them all the time, and have recently rediscovered them, and I can tell you that they are the most comfortable shoes in the world. Possibly.  After all the year that I have had them, I think its a miracle that they are still white, and I love white trainers, especially clean new ones that are really bright!  In the summer, I love to wear these with shorts and t-shirts, or even skirts and little ankle-socks,and when its colder they look really good with simple jeans, or you can dress them us with black disco-pants (which I think gives a slightly 80s vibe, which I love!).


This next pair of shoes I bought in Deichmann over a year ago, and despite being very affordable, they are lasting well!  They're high-heeled brogues, and I have to admit that, until I saw these, I wasn't particularly fond of the trend.  However these were the shoes that made me love brogues (or oxfords as I know they can be called outside of the UK), I just love the muted brown colour of them, and I think that the delicate little designs are adorable! I recently wore these with a yellow collared dress to my friend's birthday dinner, and overall the look was very vintage and cute.


Without a doubt, these gorgeous sandals have got to be my favourite summer shoes - they were a recent buy from Primark for only £5 (and now are in the sale for £3!!! That's insane!), and I've worn them almost every day since buying them.  They are made of plastic (the best that I can describe them is grown-up jelly shoes!), but it seems doesn't seen to have worn at all, and they haven't given me any blisters on sore feet at all as you might expect with plastic.  They are also black, so go with almost any outfit, but my favourite thing about them is the tiny gold bumble bee on the front, I just thought that they were an especially unique and incredibly fun detail!


These shoes have been through a lot - I originally bought them for my cousin's wedding last summer, and they were also my prom shoes at Christmas time, as well as being worn to many other parties and occasions!  (they also featured in my last London outfit post - here they are in close-up now!) What really attracted me to them was the rose-gold shiny detailing at the front, along with the ribbon tie - when buying them I was at my wit'send trying to find a pair of shoes in this colour, and then these just stood out to me from the shelf in Miss Selfridge! (luckily they were in my size, because they were the only pair left!) They make it onto this list because, although they have sentimental value too, I just think that they are really gorgeous!


Last on my list are these boots, my number one top pair of shoes.  They have appeared in a couple of other blog posts, so obviously, I love them very much!  They were a birthday present around three years ago, and I'd count them as my first pair of actual heels (what could be considered my first pair of heels might be a pair of black shoes with a teeny-tiny minute heel which I wore to my first junior prom.  But I didn't really like them, so I'm not counting them!).  They're really super-comfy, probably because I've worn them so often, and they're pretty much weather-proof - I've even worn them in snow!  You can also wear them with the tops turned down to show the lining, so two looks in one, and I wear them with almost anything: jeans, leggings, dresses, skirts, shorts, you name it!  If you couldn't tell, these are my favourite pair of shoes ever!

xxx Bexx

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