Tuesday, 30 April 2013

That Black and Gold!

Hiya!  This is an outfit I recently wore out to dinner with some friends - its a lot of black and gold, so quite classy, but still fun and young, as I wore black disco pants (which are very shiny, even though you can't see in the picture - my friend calls them my Sandie-from-'Grease' trousers! And they were around £30 from Topshop) and the top has gold zip and stud detailing.  I'd advise trying on the petite version of disco pants if your inbetween short and tall-ish - I'm only 5 foot 4, so I got petite! - as you want them to bunch up as little as possible at the ankles so they don't look to scruffy or like they don't fit properly.

The top actually has batwing sleeves, which makes it very comfortable, and maybe a good option if you don't like your upper arms so much.  Its also a really nice jersey material - not too thick, but not cheap-feeling either, plus really soft! It was £26 from Wal G at House of Fraser, and I also think that you can find this brand at larger Topshop stores.

On the shoulders there is lots of flat gold studs, which make the design look much more interesting, whilst also carrying off the embellished shoulders trend that you can still see on a lot of jumpers.  These studs are nice because they're not big or bulky, but quite girlie and more delicate than most studs on the highstreet. I like the zips on the shoulders as well, they just add something a little extra and make the top more unique and edgy, whilst livening up the plain black.

I went for simple brown smoky eyes and a pink lip similar to my natural lip colour since I was eating - sorry about the slightly odd blue light in this photo!  Here you can also see the earrings that I wore, which I picked up in a tiny shop in Paris for about 10 euros, and wore them to my prom near Christmas time!

You can see the earrings better here (right of the photo - the other thing is a little perfume bottle!), and I love the insanely intricate design of them, they're like having tiny, beautiful golden wreaths on your ears, and they're no uncomfortable at all, as they're really thin, so not heavy!

I took this bag with me, it was a birthday present a while ago, and is from New Look.  The black and two shades of brown mean that it goes with literally any outfit, and I use it all the time as its the perfect size for me!  The long strap can also detach so that you have a really cute, vintage-looking box-bag with a tiny handle!

Hope you enjoyed!  Make sure to follow my blog for more, and leave a comment! xxxx

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