Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Plastic Fantastic!

 Hi!  Today's post is a little different - I wanted to show this cute wraparound braided bracelet and giant flower, which I made!  They're actually made out of a plastic bag (if you're interested in the colours of this one, the bag was from when I had some clothes delivered from Yumi - if you're no familiar with the brand I would check its out, they have many gorgeous things!).

Alternatively, you could always use the large flower as a brooch rather than a bracelet, or even make smaller ones and glue them to a hair clip - or even stick with the large if you're so inclined!

Her is where I attached the flower to the braided bracelet - they look great together because whilst still being the same colour, the rough braiding contrasts with the shiny flower.

The bracelet was simply made by tying three strips of the plastic bag together, around an inch wide, and then braiding them until you get the right length for your wrist, and tying the ends.  Then I cut off the excess material and for a clasp used a tiny golden safety pin, which can be tucked out of sight so your bracelet flows.


The flower was made by cutting out variously sized petal shapes and experimenting until I got the look that I wanted - they were then taped on layer by layer until the flower looked three-dimensional.  Its extremely easy to do, and costs no money at all! (it would also probably make a suitable umbrella if you happen to get caught in the rain!)

So there you have it - beautiful, unique accessories, from a plastic bag! 
Until next time, have a fantabulous day!  xxxxx

*my nail polish is Avon's Nailwear Pro+ in Sea Breeze

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