Friday, 3 May 2013

Springtime and Blue Skies...hopefully!

Hi!  So this week the weather's started to get pretty gloomy (and I'm telling you, gloomy in Scotland is probably about a hundred times more grey than where you live!) so I needed a little way to cheer my self up - and what better way than to create a gorgeous, colourful spring outfit?!  When you're yearning for the sun there's no point hoping for it to make a move - bring the sunshine to you by brightening up your wardrobe!

This outfit is suitable for those who love prints, but maybe aren't sure just how to wear them - since there isn't any print by your face, its a lot easier to wear!

I love love love this top!  Its quite long, but fitted at the bottom so looks great over leggings, but I also love it tucked into high-waisted skirts.  I've had it for ages, I bought it years ago in New Look and it reappears in my wardrobe quite frequently!  I'm also starting to think that I have some sort of obsession with tops with embellished shoulders or zips - I just think they make baggy, loose tops much more edgy and little more dressed-up whilst still being casual.  Also with this being high-street you might think the quality might not be so great, but the material is so soft and flowing, and sturdy even though it is quite thin.

This skirt was a gift, its kind of a skater style with little pocket. and what I like about it is that the waist only elasticated at the sides, so you don't get that bunchy, elasticated-waist look.  The print is perfect for spring or summer, as its floral, but with a bit of punch!  The colours on this are so bright that they're borderline neon, and I love this busy pattern next to the plain blue shirt.

One of my favourite things about this has to be the accessories - the go with the outfit perfectly!  My little blue bag is from Debenhams, and its the perfect spring clutch if you want to add a zap of colour to a more neutral look, or blend with the same tone or other brights like I've done here.  My bracelet is from a shop called Joe in Edinburgh (I'm not sure whether they have branches in other cities) and it is a mixture of flat and round glass beads with delicate but bright flower patterns on them.  This ring is from Accessorize, and only cost a few quid, and I love it because the glass stone is a really gorgeous blue, and it reminds me a little of my mum's engagement ring!

 The earrings were also from Joe, and I think they're so cute and quirky - they're little red apple cores, and I've found that most people's reaction to them is love them or hate them!  They're a sweet little addition to this outfit to add a little personality, and I just adore them!

These shoes are some of my favourites for summer, and I think that the go really well with this outfit.   I got them in a shop called Bank, which isn't actually in the city nearest to me, but this one was in Newcastle.  They're cute little espadrilles, and were very on trend last summer - and I don't think they're going anywhere any time soon, which is fantastic news, because they are insanely comfortable!  I also managed to get a 10% discount on these because one of the metal eyelets that the laces go through fell off when the woman at the till was taking off the security tag, and these were the last ones in my size!  The eyelet was really easy to fix anyway, so don't turn your nose up at a bargain!

Thanks for reading - I hope your springtime weather in better than mine, but if not, hopefully this cheered you up!  Please feel free to leave comment and follow my blog to make me smile!  Have a fantabulous day! xxxxx

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