Sunday, 12 May 2013

Magnificent Metallics!

 Hi! Today is a post that's a little different - metallics have been around a lot lately, on everything from skater skirts to bags to sunglasses.  But way to incorporate metallics into your daily look in a more subtle way?  Because, lets face it, metallics are not shy - even a slight flash from that new bracelet is eye-catching: it seems we're almost hard-wired to have a radar for shiny trinkets! So these are my new wear-anywhere metallics: my nails!
For this look I layered two solid glitter polishes - it works with other coloured sparkly polishes with less glitter, al though I would recommend a glitter topcoat with them, but not with solid or satin-finish colours - it works best with the darker colour at the bottom of your nail, and the lighter one at the top. Its really simple, and the glitter means that the gradient effect is really easy, all you need to do is paint about 3/4 of your nail using the darker colour (or the whole nail) and then paint around halfway down the nail with the lighter colour.  Since you're using glitter, just add a few light dabs of the lighter colour  in the middle  of the nail to achieve the gradient effect. Just make sure to check your polish gives a pretty solid glitter finish (don't use a glitter topcoat, as the finish will be very sparse), but obviously you will want to do 2-3 coats for the best finish.

The polishes I used are both Barry M - I would reccomend using a base coat with these glitter ones or else they chip like crazy!  Here I used the shade 'Copper', which looks quite orange in the bottle but actually gives a gorgeous rusty-gold colour.

The polish which I used for the tips of my nails is in the shade 'Silver Multi Glitter' (inventive, I know!)  and although on camera it looks very silver, which is still lovely, its quite lilac-y, and you can even see chunks of pink and gold and blue glitter!

This look is easy to do and looks great for those of us who are a little less talented on the nail-art front! Alternatively, just use any solid-glitter or metallic polish for an on-trend statement nail, which still goes with any look!

I also thought that I would leave you with some of my past nail-art for some inspiration!  I do tend to use nail-art pens, but if you don't have them then the same effect can be achieved with a pin or a cocktail stick dipped in nail-polish.  Happy nail-arting! xxx

Metallic gold, pink and black

Cartoon messy hearts

Spring/Easter grass and flower nails

Glitter nails, with one magnetic-effect polish statement nail

Girl on Fire nails! May the odds be ever in your favour!

Cute polka-dot French-tip nails

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  1. Wowwww these look great! What girl doesn't want flames on the end of her fingers?! Might try some of these myself :)

    R x