Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Cinema Chic

Hi!  So today I decided to do another outfit post, but this time for some more casual looks.  I went to the cinema with my friends to see Iron Man 3, (which was a-freaking-mazing!! Not as good as the first, but definitely better than the second, so Disney didn't ruin it yay!) and this first outfit is what I wore.  The second outfit is one I wore a while ago, and I'm sorry that the pictures are incomplete for it, but I wasn't planning to do a post on it at the time!  But here you go: two casual looks for going out, which still retain style!

Obviously when you go to the movies you want to comfortable since you'll be sitting down for a couple of hours (and with the giant ad-rolls before the film, who knows how much longer you'll be?!), so I chose this soft black batwing jumper, burgundy skinny jeans (which are a little less skinny because I've had them so long!) and brown/burgundy sneakers.

My shoes are from SoulCal at Republic, and they're sooo freakin comfortable, no joke!  The fuzzy lining doesn't go all over the bottom of the inside of the shoe, but trust me, its like heaven for your feet - I could wear these like slippers!  The colour is great with this outfit as well: they're better than wearing black, but still blend in with the jeans (and  pssst! Extended colour can make your legs look longer!!)

Does anyone else remember when jeans this colour were really popular?  Well its one trend that wasn't totally fleeting for me - I absolutely love them!  These jeans were from TK Maxx a while ago, so the knees are a little worn (you can see the difference in colour) but I like jeans that look what I call well-loved!  They're also a little baggy since I've had them for a long time, but not in a way that the shape is lost (when you're jeans are so far gone they start sagging in in the butt, it is time to throw those mofos out!  Or donate them.  Either way, that is NOT a good look!)

This jumper is gorgeous.  I love it.  Its amazing. I've rambled about it previously so I'm not going to again!  But perfect for the cinema: really soft and slouchy, so awesomely comfortable! (I'm feeling like I said 'ly' a lot there!) I got it fairly recently from Wal G at House of Fraser, so if you're interested head on over there, quick!

Excuse the odd blue lighting that makes me look like a zombie.  Here I have on another cute casual outfit - perfect for the movies if the first wasn't to your liking!  I have on black disco pants here (from Topshop), they look great with casual shirts as they give a bit of sass to a pretty plain outfit (did I just say 'sass'?!  guess so...).  I also paired the same shoes with this as the previous outfit, since they go perfectly, and tie in with my hat! (but don't worry, there's no danger of a look like this being 'matchy-matchy'!)

The checked shirt I have on is from Hollister - I got it in the sale a while ago; I don't personally shop there usually, I wouldn't pay the regular price of their shirts for something that is, frankly, no better quality  than anything else from the highstreet.  The lower end of the highstreet.  I do love it though - the colours remind me of Christmas!  I rolled up the sleeves because I can't bear not to, I just think that it looks better!  My hat from Next is maroon with a giant pom-pom on top, and really cosy as well as cute - I think hats area great way to add some personality to an outfit.

Thanks for reading - have an a-freaking-mazing day! xxxx


  1. You look so good in this! I just love the top, it’s just perfect for this outfit. Xx